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Thursday, September 24, 2015

8. Sweet Sixteen Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 8: "Sweet Sixteen." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This is the first episode to use music that was released on a different CD than the Robotech 30th Anniversary Soundtrack! As Rick, Ben, & Max are entering the Chinese restaurant for Minmei's birthday party, the music being used is the instrumental version of "It's You." This piece of music can only be found on the It's You EP release from 2012.

Robotech Theme
Alien Attack
Khyron's theme
Red Alert (Resolve)
Private time Theme (a1)
Zentraedi Theme
Earth Government at Work (a)
Earth Government Debriefing
Private Time (a2)
It's You (instrumental version) [Only available on the It's You EP]
Robotech Love Theme II
The Point of No Return
Red Alert
The 15th Squadron
Alien Attack
Rick Hunter's Theme
Alien Attack
Zentraedi Theme
The SDF-1
Private time (a1)
Love Triangle (To Be In Love Instrumental Version)
Robotech Theme (next episode preview)
Robotech End Title

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