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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

15. Homecoming Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 15: "Homecoming." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The second usage of "Escalations (a)" at the end of this episode seems to have an extended closing; that or the piece has just been slowed down, I can't really tell. It does seem to be at a lower pitch. Either way, there's only one version of it on the soundtrack, and except for that they're identical to my ears.

Robotech Theme
Private Time (a2)
Robotech Love Theme I
Lifeline (Instrumental)
Roy Fokker's Theme
Private Time (b)
Private Time (a1)
The Point of No Return
Robotech Love Theme II
Earth Government Debriefing
Red Alert (Resolve)
Bliss Theme (a)
Love Triangle  (To Be in Love Instrumental)
United Earth Government Theme
Escalations (a)
Escalations (d)

 Love Triangle (To Be in Love Instrumental)
Earth Government Debriefing
Private Time (b)
Bliss Theme (b)
Escalations (a)
Robotech Theme (next episode preview)
Robotech End Title

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