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Friday, May 6, 2016

25. Wedding Bells Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 25: "Wedding Bells." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: For not having any new music, I have an awful lot to say about the music in this episode!

First, about "Drumroll (unreleased)" - this episode once again uses an unreleased drumroll. When comparing it to the one used in "Miss Macross," I found that they were pretty much the same except that one ran a little longer and had an echo effect added to it, since it was being played in an auditorium for the contest. This version runs a little shorter but has the benefit of having no dialogue over the majority of it. I'm considering them the same piece of music just edited differently.

Secondly, regarding "The Man in My Life" and "To Be in Love" - one of the reasons I refer to these episodes as the "standard version" in my introduction is because what Harmony Gold refers to as "the original broadcast versions" are actually the second broadcast versions. When the show first aired in 1985 several pieces of music were different. Somewhere between its original syndication run and the release of the F.H.E. 6-tape Macross Saga Box Set they remastered the show, changing some of the songs to rely on "To Be In Love" less heavily. (They also messed up the way the video footage was centered, but that's another story.) This is the way these episodes were presented from then on, until the release of the Remastered Edition.

"Wedding Bells" is one of the episodes where the music was changed for what would become the standard edition. The original broadcast version of this episode used "To Be In Love" instead of "The Man in My Life."

I didn't own a VCR back then, so I recorded the series on audio cassette instead. I still have the cassettes, but they're packed away and I can't access them at the moment, which is frustrating because I'd really love to hear what was originally used when this version uses "To Be In Love"! I honestly believe that they just played "To Be In Love" straight through without the dialogue announcing that Minmei was going to sing a second song, but until I can get my hands on those tapes I won't know for certain. I do, however, still have a clip of the original audio where "The Man In My Life" is now used, so I can confidently confirm that change.

(And for what it's worth, I think all the cases where they changed the music were an improvement over the original.) 

Thirdly, in this episode Gloval yells "This is a red alert!" and then "Red Alert" promptly starts. I have no idea if that's coincidence or if the piece of music was given its name from this scene!

And fourth and finally, the preview for the next episode starts very noticeably speeding up the Robotech Theme, and seems to continue speeding it up more and more the longer it goes on! Very odd.

Robotech Theme
Khyron's Theme
Shocked (b)
(Alien Attack) Resolve
Broken Heart
Private Time Theme (a2)
Robotech Love Theme II
The Robotech Masters
Love Triangle (To Be in Love Instrumental)
Earth Government Debriefing
Love Triangle (To Be in Love Instrumental)
Minmei's Theme
Khyron's Theme
Drumroll (unreleased)
Miss Macross (My Time to Be a Star Instrumental)
The Man in My Life
To Be in Love
Zentraedi Theme
Red Alert
Robotech Theme
Alien Attack
Zentraedi Theme
Earth Government Debriefing
The Cosmic Harp (c2)
Robotech Theme (next episode preview - speeding up)
Robotech End Title

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