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Sunday, June 5, 2016

30. Viva Miriya Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 30: "Viva Mirya." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Although this is the second time we see the Robotech Masters, this is the first time we see them while hearing the piece of music that would become eponymous with them. It's actually the twelfth time the piece of music has been used, in nine different episodes.

Robotech Theme
The SDF-1
Private Time Theme (a2)
(Red Alert) Resolve
Private Time Theme (c)
Private Time Theme (b)
The Robotech Masters
Private Time Theme (a1)
Escalations (b)
Private Time Theme (b)
Khyron's Theme
My Time to Be a Star
Red Alert
Bliss Theme (a)
Alien Attack
Robotech Theme
Macross Theme
Robotech Theme (next episode preview)
Robotech End Title

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