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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

49. A New Recruit Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 49: "A New Recruit." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This episode features a new variation of "The Cosmic Harp (a)," and I believe it's an unreleased one. At first I thought it was simply slowed down by about 25%, but it has a completely different closing note. Usually in these cases I can tweak the song using Audacity and see what they did, but none of that worked this time. It's always possible that I simply wasn't able to recreate it and the closing note was just edited out of the official "The Cosmic Harp" medley release, but I really don't think that's the case.

I want to label it "The Cosmic Harp (a2)" since it's a variation on the original (a) theme, but that doesn't really work for dissecting the CD track into its separate parts, so I've decided on calling it "The Cosmic Harp (a2 variation)"  since it's not included in the "Cosmic Harp" medley on the soundtrack.

Robotech Theme
Private Time Theme (b)
Earth Government at Work (a)
Private Time Theme (a2)
(Red Alert) Resolve
Escalations (a)
(Alien Attack) Resolve
The Point of No Return
Mission Accomplished
The Point of No Return
(Alien Attack) Resolve
Escalations (d)
Lifeline (Instrumental)
Hard Times
The 15th Squadron
Musica's Theme
Cliffhangers (c)
Musica's Theme
The Robotech Masters
Escalations (f1)
Cliffhangers (a)
The Point of No Return
Cliffhangers (a)
(Red Alert) Resolve
The Point of No Return
Escalations (c)
The Cosmic Harp (a2 variation) - unreleased
Red Alert
Musica's Theme
Crashing Metal
Musica's Theme
United Earth Government Theme
Cliffhnagers (c)
Khyron's Theme
Robotch Theme (next episode preview)
Robotech End Title

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