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Saturday, February 18, 2017

75. Seperate Ways Music Guide

What follows is a list of all the music that appeared in the standard version of Robotech episode 75: "Separate Ways." Bold text denotes that this is the first appearance of that piece of music.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The return Eyecatch --and only the return portion-- is slightly sped up in this episode. (Which raises an interesting point. I only list "Eyecatch" once, although technically it's used twice in each episode.)

This episode also uses "Liftoff" for the fourth time. This is a piece that was selected by Toonami to run as the end theme when they aired the show in 1998. I remember someone complaining to me at the time that "They replaced the end theme with this terrible cheesey music that's not even from Robotech!" And I responded that no, it actually was from Robotech, it was just only used twice so it wasn't well known. Well, I was completely wrong about the "only used twice" part, as we haven't even hit the second episode usage I was thinking of yet! (And for the record, I absolutely love that track, but heaven knows I've also been known to love a good bit of cheese myself.)

Robotech Theme
Private Time Theme (a2)
Red Alert
The 15th Squadron
Cliffhangers (a)
Khyron's Theme
Intrigue (closing notes)
(Red Alert) Resolve
Escalations (a)
Musica's Theme
Broken Heart
Robotech Love Theme II
United Earth Government Theme
The Point of No Return
Rick Hunter's Theme
Bliss Theme (a)
Earth Government at Work (a)
Robotech Love Theme I
Robotech Theme (next episode preview)
Robotech End Titles

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